The Truth About Diet Pills

April 21, 2018 0 By dietadmin
The Truth About Diet Pills

There has been a growing fad on great body and losing weight. People are becoming desperate and try to find means and ways to lose weight in order to get the body they are aiming for. Men and women turn to strict dieting and regular exercises to get in shape. There are also those who take medications or pills for weight loss in order to get rid of excess fats in their bodies.

Tons of brands and pharmaceutical companies are introducing different pills and medications that promise effective weight loss and fat elimination. But the question is, does it really work? And, with the growing number of inauthentic pills, how can you determine the real diet pills from the fake ones?

To answer this, one may look at the backing. When we talk about backing, it’s not just comments and testimonials of people who have used them but you have to look into the exposure to the media clinical trials of the pill, and medical backing.

The media just don’t present or endorse products that are not completely safe and effective. They are meticulously entitled and obligated to give authentic information and accurate news to people. So if they do otherwise, their credibility will be at stake. So if a diet pill is supported and introduced by the media, may it be in the television or in print such as newspapers and magazines, then you can be assured that the product really works.

Now if you think the media is not credible enough and you think that they are just after the earnings they are paid for advertising a product, you might want to read on to see that media is a reliable source of information.

Take for example the slimming pill called Proactol. The Telegraph recently had a feature on Slimmer’s Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight for 2008. Proactoal was voted to be on the second rank.

Telegraph has been complimented to have the most up-to-date news and breakthroughs in science. And the fact that Proactol was pointed out and complimented a number of times in the feature proves how Telegraph believes in the effectiveness of the product.

Aside from Telegraph, Proactol was also featured in other newspapers and magazines that are considered to be reliable sources of information such as the Daily Mail, the New York Times and Florida Style Magazine.

Although media information on slimming pills is a good guide in making your decision in the product, you must also take into consideration other sources of information in determining the authenticity of a slimming pill. Aside from media sources, you must also consider the product’s clinical trials and their medical backing which are both equally important points when evaluating a certain product.

As an example, using the same slimming pill used earlier, Proactol has been medically backed by the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. It has also gone through five clinical trials that have all been successful and proved the product to be effective in:

reducing intake of fat by 28%

blocking out appetite

lower down food cravings

lower cholesterol levels in the blood; and

cutting down 150 calories per meal

With all these information regarding the slimming pill Proactol from all reliable sources of information, we can really then say that Proactol really works.

So if you decide to try taking some diet pills to boost up your weight loss, you need not worry about finding the authentic one. Just remember to consider all sources so you end up with the right, safe and effective diet pill.