Stomach Exercises

June 4, 2018 0 By dietadmin
Stomach Exercises

Perhaps you have been looking for great tummy exercises to more effectively tone up. First know, that if you are currently treating your abs as if they are one muscle, you are doing yourself and your body a major disservice. Abs exercises can only be effective once you understand the different muscles involved and that your abs are made up of different types of muscles for different movement.

Most individuals choose to target their abdominals as if they are merely comprised of a single muscle. This is s a huge mistake. It can make training for this area ineffective and cause injury. All of the different muscles in the abdominal area need to be exercised equally. Let’s first review the different muscles: the rectus abdominis is the large muscle which extends from the breast bone to just above the pelvis. When your arms are stretched into the air this muscle is engaged. When you turn and twist your body you are using your external and internal obliques. When the obliques move the traverse abdominis moves with them. Knowing the anatomy of these muscles, you are now ready to learn the most effective exercises for targeting these areas.

The most effective rectus abdominis exercise – Using a medicine ball to perform a decline crunch

This exercise requires you to have a medicine ball and a gym partner. You simply sit on an exercise bench that is on an incline. Your partner holds the medicine ball and stands in front of you. You catch the ball as you lower you torso and move the ball to the back of your head. You will then slowly return to your initial position and perform an additional repetition.

The most effective obliques exercises – The Cable Twist

You will need a stability ball and a cable pulley in order to perform this activity. Attach a cable pulley and cable together. Stretch out the cable and hold it in one hand while stretched over the exercise ball, which is held in your other hand. Turn your shoulders away from your abs and then slowly return to your start position. This exercise should be repeated in an alternating fashion on each side while the hips are kept square.

The most effective abs exercises – Knee raises using a Captain’s chair

This is a challenging activity but it is one of the most effective abs exercises you will find. Sit down on a captain’s chair. Lift your knees slowly while your legs are bent. Lower them until they are close to your hips. Repeat on each side. The lower back should be held against the seat rest throughout this activity.

These are the most effective abs exercises around. They will not provide you with great results, however, if you continue to eat poorly. You will need to have a healthy diet in order to enjoy abs that are well-defined.

Reducing your calories will help you to lose weight as will a good gym routine. You can find great deals on gyms online and if you are looking to get kitted out in all the latest gymwear you might want to take a look at Groupon deals for fitness clothing.

Getting started is always the hardest part of any new fitness regime but after a while it will become like second nature to you.